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Super Bowl Gold

There's 9 million reasons advertisers want their ads to stand out!

Super Bowl 2022... the best of the best

Super Bowl commercials may not be what they once were, but in 2022, they already have a leg up on what 2021 had to offer.

With several big-name companies opting out of an opportunity to advertise last year, some heavy hitters including Hyundai, BMW and Amazon are back with ads this year. With over 100 million viewers expected to tune in, the real estate for advertising for the Super Bowl is typically gold. That won’t stop companies from releasing their ads ahead of time, as we’ve seen in recent years with increased frequency. At $9 Million a slot… they are hoping to be noticed! We can watch the game here but we don’t get to enjoy the best in advertising on the big screen in Australia. So sit back and take some genius in now. Enjoy!

But overall, there’s a mood of optimism and joy as many of us prepare to spend a “normal” Christmas with family and friends when many of us couldn’t last year. Perhaps there’s a recognition that life has been a little too serious and sad of late – that we could all do with some magic to brighten what feels like darker days.